Comic Workshop Queer Identities at Sonntags Club

I’ll be giving my comic workshop for queer identities at Sonntags Club in Berlin on Sunday July 30th 2017. The Sonntags Club e.V. is an event, information and counseling center for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, inter * and trans * people.

No previous skills required: it’s about having fun and drawing together!

Self-presentation can be an emotional mine field. Or a source of inspiration. In this workshop we explore the topic of identity in comic stories or diary illustrations in a queer friendly setting.

We can discuss formats, materials and the topics that participants would like to elaborate on. The ideas can be implemented using a few playful drawing exercises.
There will be enough time for free drawing, individual guidance and presentations of the results in the group.

Let me know if you’re coming or ask me stuff at workshop_jorisbas (at)

Language: English and / or German

More info at the Sonntags Club website here.