I who make mistakes on the eternal typewriter

I have really been looking forward to this. I was invited by Marcel van Eeden and Nanette Kraaikamp to this group exhibition at the Drawing Center Diepenheim in the Netherlands. The show is a solo and group exhibition by Marcel van Eeden. New work by him is presented in the midst of a group exhibition compiled by himself. In their words (and in my translation),

The starting point for Van Eeden’s selection is the relationship he feels with certain artists who, like him, make use of certain narrative elements in their work. ‚I who make mistakes on the eternal typewriter‘, a quote from a poem of the beat poet Allen Ginsberg, gives space for a variety of visual stories.
The result is an eclectic collection of works and wide variety of styles: from handwritten reflections to wall-filling graphic story telling, from a single monumental black and white ink drawing to a colorful and extensive comic.

The times that art that really touches me, it’s always some form of drawing, a technique, that even in its broadest sense  I consider very akin to language and story telling. So this is an exhibition that feels close to my artistic homestead. Happy to be part of this. And happy to share this with my Chicks on Comics long-time colleague Maartje Schalkx.

Curators are Marcel van Eeden and Nanette Kraaikamp
Participating artists are Marcel van Eeden – Joris Bas Backer – Cedric ter BalsMarc BauerKarl HaendelMarc Nag
tzaamMaartje SchalkxAsbjørn Skou 

The show opens September 16th at 3pm, address is Kuimgaarden 1, Diepenheim. Opening talk by Wim Noordhoek.
For the full programme, go here.