Si esto es un artista





The „Si esto es un Artista“ 24hr drawing marathons took place in Lugar a Dudas, Taller 7 and Casa del encuentros of the Museo de Antioquia, Cali and Medellín, Colombia, and in Galeria LDF in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2008.

Books were printed from the drawings and photos of both marathons, and video material of the Medellín marathon was compiled into a short film. The film was screened in the Casa del encuentros of the Museo de Antioquia in Medellín.

As part of the project I also showed a comic of the same title in the form of a comic reading. With the performing help of Catalina Moreno Castaño amongst others. (I’m so sorry that I don’t have everybody’s name anymore!)

I include a text I wrote in 2008 when I introduced the project:


The Participating artists in Cali in Lugar a Dudas were:

María Fernanda Astaíza, Anna Bas Backer, Àngela García, Mónica París, Luto, Carolina Ruiz, Adrian Gaitan, Cindy Muñoz , Jorge Schneider, Ivan Tovar, Camilo, Juan Díaz, Lisseth Balcazar, Carlos Zúñiga, Juan Pablo Solarte and José Garcia.

The participating artists in Medellín in Taller 7 were:
Anna Bas Backer, Pedro Alvarez, Jaime Buitrago, Alejandro Cano, José David Restrepo, Albany Henao, Néstor Herrera, Fernando Montoya, Juana Montoya, M. A. Moreña, Arturo García H. Natalia Ruiz, Tebo, Truchafrita, Seth Wulsin and Fish.
Simultaneously, the three artists joni b, Ernan Ciriani and Powerpaola joined from Galeria LDF in Buenos Aires, Argentina and stayed in contact online.

With the help of Wilson J. Arango and Edicson Orrego, who created the video material.