Long Distance Relationship


Chicks on Comics: „Long Distance Relationship“.

For the first time in Fundación Proa, the group Chicks on Comics, present a collective show that aims to explore the discourse of comic art and of narration as means of communication and exchange.

December 2016 – March 2017


Jet Exhibition View

My most recent exhibition was the taking part in the yearly Goldrausch presentation. I opted to show pages from my comic Jet, laying out the build up of grey tones and black and white lines which, for this comic, were on seperate pages. I presented them in multiple small black frames. One the second picture you can make out another image in the background which is a large portrait I made of Kurt Cobain, especially for this exhibition beacause the location was a church and the pages of Jet I chose centered on the theme of teenage idolization. I should probably add some detail photos later. Will do.


jet_exhibitionview_72_1 jet_exhibitionview_72_2


Comiclesung Renate and Rudolf

Slightly overdue, I am now showing some pictures here of the given comic reading of the short fantasy story „Renate and Rudolf„.  I really enjoyed having the microphone and the stage and the performance was made an all-round success and an enigmatic experience by the voice assistance of my Goldrausch colleague, the artist Lucie Biloshytskyy and the live produced sounds by hip hop musician and beats producer Asi-Es. I would love to do that again. 





Six Conversations in Beton

My story „Six Conversations about Bland“ came out in the Berlin based German / French anthology Beton #8. The theme was ‚Nothing‘. The short story takes place in a reality show house. Housemate ‚Bland‘ was just voted out of the house and the remaining housemates discuss him in six conversations.

This is the third time I’ve joined the great team of people that make out Beton. Meet them here. You are all a bunch of lovelies. Looking forward to future contributions.



Renate und Rudolf: Comic reading 16-10-2016


Comic Reading: Sunday October 16th 2016

The Goldrausch exhibition is coming to an end and we’re closing off with a finissage packed with performances.

I’m excited that as part of the evening I will be presenting one my short stories from my publication ‚Mates‘ in the form of a comic reading. I am especially looking forward to the reading because it’s the first time working together with ASI-ES, who will be producing the sound live with his sampler. Also, helping me with the voices, will be one of my colleagues at Goldrausch, artist Lucie Biloshytskyy.

The finissage starts at 4pm with a tour with art historian Dr. Ines Lindner, then the performances will start at 5pm, beginning with mine. The other performances will be „Do you hear them through your ears or in your head?“ by Kirstin Burckhardt; a performance by Alanna Lynch; „Karatetalk“ by Rike Horb; and ending with „Der Trancende Teppich“ by Anna Steinert.

Address is: St Johannes Evangelist | Auguststraße 90 in Berlin


Comic Publication: Mates


I am very proud that my comic publication is finally finished! I am all-round happy with the result. It turned out to be a very colourful bundle of 3 short stories I made over the past few years.

„Best Friends Forever“ appears for the first time in full color and a few completely new panels! „Slower Pussycat Chill Chill“ for the first time in English with improved lettering and speech balloons, and „Renate in Ruldolf“ appears in a new panel sequence, new lettering / speech balloons and a couple of new panels.

Thanks a trillion to Powerpaola who did a back-and-forth comic jam with me between Buenos Aired and Berlin, and appears as the foreword of the publication. And thanks a zillion to Dana Krusche who made the layout and design! I couldn’t have done it without you!!

The publication is a limited edition and is for now primarily availble at the Goldrausch exhibition (see last post) and through me. This Sunday, October 16th I will give a comic reading, stay tuned for more infos super soon.


FRAUD, FAKE & FAME – Goldrausch 2016

Group show with: Andrea Acosta, Bas | Bas Backer, Lucie Biloshytskyy, Kirstin Burckhardt, Dania Burger, Birte Endrejat, Elisa Ewert, Ulrike Hannemann, Rike Horb, Stefanie Kägi, Dina Khouri, Alanna Lynch, Dagmar Schürrer, Anna Steinert, Nina Tobien
Opening: 30. September, 7pm, exhibition opening and launch of the catalogues, in my case my new comic publication ‚Mates‘.
Exhibition: 1. – 16. October
Opening hours: Sa 1pm – 7pm, So 2pm – 7pm, Free Admission
Address: St. Johannes-Evangelist, Auguststraße 90,  Berlin (S-bahn Oranienburger Straße)
Closing Reception: Sunday, October 16 with performances and a tour with Dr. Ines Lindner, art historian at 4pm.
I will give a comic reading at around 5pm.
For more information about the program visit goldrausch-kuenstlerinnen.de