Comic-Praxis für Erwachsene

Comic-Praxis für Erwachsene – Für Anfänger*Innen

Starting January 15th i’ll be giving this comic course for adults in the VHS in Zehlendorf every Wednesday evening. It’s a really relaxed and fun atmosphere to play around and learn about comic story telling basics, with a focus on taking inspiration from your own life.
Registration and more information at the VHS website.



26 April 18:00 o’clock
26 – 28 April 11:00-19:00 o’clock
29 April – 03 Mai 14:00-18:00 o’clock

The Fact Finder
Kurfürstenstr. 21-22
10785 Berlin

„How do these authors actually do it? How do they tackle such a complex construction that touches literature and visual art at the same time, as well as design and typography, that has to be ‘high art’ and ‘popular art’ all in one? How do they go through years of planning, research and progressively building up a narrative, until everything comes into one?
Our exhibition tries to deal with some of these questions, or raise new ones, by giving an insight into the tedious work process of several artists-authors of graphic novels. The exhibition brings to public view the ‘backstage’ work put into a graphic novel by presenting research, scripts, sketches, older versions alongside reiterations, pencil drawings, inked pages, speech bubbles layouts, coloured pages and more.“
– Alex Bodea, The Fact Finder

With contributions by: Alex Bodea, Ali Fitzgerald, Alice Milani, Antonia Kühn, Barrack Rima, Joris Bas Backer, Maki Shimizu, Özge Samanci, Sophie Kurzer, Max Baitinger, Mikael Ross


Upcoming Dates
Heyhey!! Here are the dates that we know about where #nettmann and me are somehow presenting our book #familienjuwelen or will be personally present :).
I will of course also be checking out the Millionaires Club wenn I’m in Leipzig because Jaja Verlag has a table there too and looking forward to events there like the inklusive Diskussionsrunde by Feministische Comic Netzwer kand I will also be carrying around some merch.

Familienjuwelen book coming out


The moment this little gem will be published just keeps getting closer and closer! The date is now final and set for October this year. This book collects the comic strips that Nettmann and me have been making over the last 5 years, documenting each in our very own style and individual voice, the catches and falls of parenting and relationshipping – if that was a verb… …which it is, because we lived our truth and told nothing but the truth. Our Berlin based publisher is the wonderful Jaja Verlag, assuring the book, (in German only for now, let me know if you want to publish it in your language!) can land in your hands as soon as possible.


CIB18 Satellite event: Queer Me Comic Workshop


Berlin Comic Festival Comic Invasion is coming! But first, the CIB satellite events are up: exhibitions and workshops around the city. ‚Queer me‘ is a comic workshop for queers and questioners about exploring self-portrayal with self-confidence. During this workshop we enjoy a safe space with queers and questioners to explore our identities through comics. We will work with text, drawing and collage and create small zines! The workshop will take place June 17th 2018 in the Renate Comics Bibliothek.
For more info follow this link.


De Amsterdamse Joffers at Drawing the Times


The English version of my short documentary comic The Amsterdamse Joffers is featured in Drawing the Times for their Sex and Gender special! Drawing the Times is a platform for graphic journalism based in The Netherlands. ‚Sex and Gender‘ is their 8th special and other than my own, there are comics by , Merel Barends, Seif Eddin Nechi, Jiro Ghianni, Alex Mankiewicz, Maia Matches, Yamuna Matheswaran, Emmi Nieminen & Johanna Vehko, Hector Sonon . Editing by Eva Hillhorst. Check out their stories, their work, it’s a really interesting mix of artists and there’s a lot to discover!