Neukölln Forever





„Neukölln Forever“ was a temporary tattoo/ drawing performance in the theatre house Heimathafen Neukölln, in Berlin during the literature festival „STORY!“ in  district Neukölln.

Assisted by the artist U. Loge, I performed fake tattoos on visitors. The drawings people could choose from had been designed by comic artists in Berlin especially for the occasion. The performance put the visitors in the position to choose a particular image that might be typical for their personal relationship with the neighborhood. In total visitors could choose from 46 different designs.

The contributing artists were Anna Bas Backer, Clémentine Guichard, CX Huth, Annette Knol, Annette Köhn, U. Loge, Auge Lorenz, Magenbitter, Lillian Mousli, Nettmann, Päm, Elke R. Steiner und Flo Weiss.

(Drawings in photos, f.l.t.r.: ©CX Huth, ©Clémentine Guichard)