Renate und Rudolf: Comic reading 16-10-2016


Comic Reading: Sunday October 16th 2016

The Goldrausch exhibition is coming to an end and we’re closing off with a finissage packed with performances.

I’m excited that as part of the evening I will be presenting one my short stories from my publication ‚Mates‘ in the form of a comic reading. I am especially looking forward to the reading because it’s the first time working together with ASI-ES, who will be producing the sound live with his sampler. Also, helping me with the voices, will be one of my colleagues at Goldrausch, artist Lucie Biloshytskyy.

The finissage starts at 4pm with a tour with art historian Dr. Ines Lindner, then the performances will start at 5pm, beginning with mine. The other performances will be „Do you hear them through your ears or in your head?“ by Kirstin Burckhardt; a performance by Alanna Lynch; „Karatetalk“ by Rike Horb; and ending with „Der Trancende Teppich“ by Anna Steinert.

Address is: St Johannes Evangelist | Auguststraße 90 in Berlin