Comic Publication: Mates


I am very proud that my comic publication is finally finished! I am all-round happy with the result. It turned out to be a very colourful bundle of 3 short stories I made over the past few years.

„Best Friends Forever“ appears for the first time in full color and a few completely new panels! „Slower Pussycat Chill Chill“ for the first time in English with improved lettering and speech balloons, and „Renate in Ruldolf“ appears in a new panel sequence, new lettering / speech balloons and a couple of new panels.

Thanks a trillion to Powerpaola who did a back-and-forth comic jam with me between Buenos Aired and Berlin, and appears as the foreword of the publication. And thanks a zillion to Dana Krusche who made the layout and design! I couldn’t have done it without you!!

The publication is a limited edition and is for now primarily availble at the Goldrausch exhibition (see last post) and through me. This Sunday, October 16th I will give a comic reading, stay tuned for more infos super soon.