Caveat Subscriptor






The project Caveat Subscriptor involved a 24-hour drawing marathon and performance in cheLA, a former factory turned cultural project space in Parque Patricios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project was created and realised within the context of the Palatti residency and exhibtion, „Salón Fabril“.

I bid the comic artists in Buenos Aires to take part in a 24-hour drawing marathon to make works about the stories and history of the city. The aim was to create themes which I would later use in a performance.

From the comics, I selected over 80 figures and texts from which the people visiting the exhibition could choose . By using so-called hectograph paper- a method used typically by tattoo artists- I created ink stencils that could be applied on to skin. In this way, the people were symbolically challenged to choose an image to wear on their skin, and with it their sense of identification with their city.

The participants were: Anna Bas Backer, Ernan Cirianni, Delius, Gustavo Deveze , Fran López, Luis Morales Ciancio, Marcela Sinclair, Santiago Slaby, Camila Torre Notari and Otto Zaiser.

(Photo far-right: ©Betty Ras)