Foto (c) Calvin Schmucker 2019

I am a comic artist and illustrator and I have my doubts about concepts of  identity. My own or anyone elses. I grew up in the Hague, Bucharest, New York and a small Dutch suburb town called Oegstgeest and became an attentive observer of people. As a child, to know how to behave, I studied other people. Because I never found myself that way, I now write stories to try to make sense of the world.

I studied visual arts in Amsterdam and Rhode Island, and since 2003 I work in Berlin, Germany and the Netherlands. My works have centered on the themes identity, gender, society, family, youth culture and LGTBIQ+ issues. I am co-founder of the artist-run group Palatti, organising art projects, residencies and exhibitions around the world since 2005. In 2010 I left the collective to be able to concentrate on comics. In 2008, I co-founded the comic blog collective Chicks on Comics. I worked with Chicks on Comics until mid-2019. Starting 2013, Nettmann and me told nothing but the truth about parenting in our webcomic Familienjuwelen, published in bookform by Jaja Verlag in 2018.

I just released my first graphic novel this April 2020, Küsse für Jet, that I am extremely proud of. It’s a coming-of-gender story about a teenager finding themselves without the internet to guide them. Set in the late 1990s, between Kurt Cobain’s death and the supposed end of the world at the turn of the millennium, in a small Dutch suburb, there are teenage fights, random kisses and even a musical interlude by a self-applauding surgeon.

You can follow me at my instagram page where I reguarly document my working process. I have worked for money, the promise of immortality and laughs. Write me at basbacker (at) posteo.de.

2020 Küsse für Jet, Jaja Verlag (DE)
2018 Familienjuwelen, Jaja Verlag (DE)

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